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Invitation-Only Breakfast Roundtable (Boardroom)

Registration and Networking

Opening Remarks from the Chair

KEYNOTE: The programmable network

Why is managing all network devices and flow control by software that operates independently of network hardware is telco dream? How close are we to being able to separate the underlying physical hardware from devices’ control software? What are the main challenges and benefits?

Reserved session

Panel: RIC and the roll out of Open RAN

How fundamental is the radio access network intelligent controller (RIC) to the success of Open RAN? Is it new thinking or just a new version of SON (self-organising networks) – which never took off as expected? Can RIC avoid SONs’ incompatibility issues?

Break – Coffee and Networking (Exhibition Area)

eSIM – rocket fuel for IoT?

eSIM promises better security, seamless, flexible connectivity and full end-to-end digitalisation plus greener supply chains. Will it provide the boost IoT needs, finally, to achieve its potential?

Reserved session

Panel: How is the telco cloud evolving?

Has public cloud become any more palatable for the telco cloud? Have telco cloud priorities changed and why? What impact will those changes have on telco cloud’s evolution and when?

Lunch and Networking (Exhibition Area)

Where are we with the metaverse and should we care?

Is the metaverse a marketing ploy intended as a fillip for flagging fortunes or is it the future of the web? How will it affect communications service providers (CSPs)? What roles are there for CSPs beyond connectivity for whatever the metaverse turns out to be?

Reserved session

Panel: Is the disaggregated telco desirable or inevitable?

RANco, Netco, towerco, serviceco, where will it end? Is the drive to disaggregate telcos all about ‘releasing value’ for shareholders rather than a sensible, coherent, long-term strategy? Do stock markets’ valuations of telcos need revising rather than stripping telcos down into constituent parts? What is lost by pulling telcos’ apart?

Break and Networking (Exhibition Area)

Managing partners is key to network automation

There is consensus that no single party can satisfy all customers’ needs, but ecosystems are relatively new territory for telcos. If they cannot work with partners seamlessly, they cannot leverage automation. What do they need to do to succeed?

Panel: What will the 6G pack bring to the communications party?

6G networks will be able to use higher frequencies, giving them higher capacity and much lower latency of 1ms. The big question is that as we are yet to harness the power of 5G’s best-yet latency, what will we use 6G for and when?

Closing remarks

Drinks in the Exhibitions Area