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Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe 

KEYNOTE: The MVNO ecosystem is increasingly rich and complex

Martina Klingvall, CEO, Telness 

How is it changing and what are the implications for infrastructure providers, partners and enterprise and consumer customers? Is the evolving ecosystem delivering better customer experience and more innovation? 

The private 5G network opportunity is public

Neil McRae, Ex Group Chief Architect, BT

This will become even more the case as the edge, network slicing, better AI and lessons learned from pilots, PoCs and trials come into the mainstream. 

PANEL: The power of AI

Moderator: Christoforos Sarantopoulos, Senior Analyst, Service Provider Networks, Omdia
Nicolas Kourtellis, Principal Research Scientist, Telefonica
Khaled Shareef Alawadhi, Sr.VP/Core & IoT Digital Services, e& 

AI is being more deployed to reduce power consumption in telecoms networks. As energy prices soar and the climate crisis deepens, how are we doing? Can we optimise consumption by passive as well as active infrastructure? Are we doing enough to offset the new demands for power generated by more antennas?

An extraordinary lesson in preparation and resilience

Stanislav Prybytko, Head of Mobile Broadband, Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation

Stanislav Prybytko talks about what it takes to keep networks running during energy blackout and missile attacks, and restoring mobile connectivity in de-occupied territory – and continue planning the networks’ evolution.

Comfort break

Do we need infrastructure to support the metaverse –even if it’s a no-show

Cayetano Carbajo Martín, Director for Core, Transport and Service Platforms, Telefonica

There’s a lot of chat about what the metaverse is – and isn’t. Even if the Zuckerberg vision of the metaverse doesn’t materialise, do we still need the infrastructure that could support it?

In conversation: How SASE is unifying network security

Franck Morales, VP Evolution Platform, Orange Business

Many operators are investing in SD-WAN so their customers can link their apps to the cloud and shape how networks are built and managed. What’s next? 

PANEL: How fundamental are digital payments to digitalization?

Ignacio Uzquiano, Head of Digital Payments, Telefonica
Jens Herrmann, Sr. Manager Corporate Strategy, Deutsche Telekom
Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO, Telenor Pakistan
Moderator: Liam Mimnagh, Senior Analyst, STL Partners

In 2022, some operators were looking to exit mobile banking while others are looking for investment partners and backing mobile financial services all the way. What does it take for operators to succeed in fintech beyond mobile payments?

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Open RAN is yet to bring everyone inside the tent

James Grayling, Head of ORAN Product Integration and Performance, Vodafone

Traditional RAN vendors and many smaller operators are yet to be convinced by the arguments supporting Open RAN (such as it will stimulate innovation by lowering barriers to market entry, prevent from lock in by a handful of vendors’ tightly integrated solutions). Will the coming year produce conclusive evidence of Open RAN’s promises?

Wrap-up and end of Day 2