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Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe 

KEYNOTE: The private 5G network opportunity is public

This will become even more the case as the edge, network slicing, better AI and lessons learned from pilots, PoCs and trials come into the mainstream.

Why PON’s growth promises to be hyper-active

Passive optical networks (PON) are expected to grow at compound annual growth rates of anything from 12.3% annual compound growth to 19.2%, depending on your choice of analyst. How much is the price of power driving the growth – or is the shift from copper to fibre in the local loop the big push? Or could it be the proliferation of 4G and 5G is getting more people online? Or perhaps innovative solutions delivering higher speeds and reliability at less cost? 

PANEL: The power of AI

AI is being more deployed to reduce power consumption in telecoms networks. As energy prices soar and the climate crisis deepens, how are we doing? Can we optimise consumption by passive as well as active infrastructure? Are we doing enough to offset the new demands for power generated by more antennas?

Why a new era of Wi-Fi is where it’s at?

New standards (6 &7), the European Union’s WiFi4EUinitiative to promote free Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens and visitors in public space and its importance to 5G are all pushing Wi-Fi up service providers’ agendas. 

Comfort break

Ceding control as a Service?

If telcos let hyperscalers run their key functions as a service are they relinquishing control and being commoditised? Three reasons not to trust hyperscalers. and three reasons why you must commit to them.

Fireside chat - SD-WAN moves up the gear box

Many operators are investing in SD-WAN so their customers can link their apps to the cloud and shape how networks are built and managed. What’s next? 

PANEL: How fundamental are digital payments to digitalization?

In 2022, some operators were looking to exit mobile banking while others are looking for investment partners and backing mobile financial services all the way. What does it take for operators to succeed in fintech beyond mobile payments?

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Open RAN is yet to bring everyone inside the tent

Traditional RAN vendors and many smaller operators are yet to be convinced by the arguments supporting Open RAN (such as it will stimulate innovation by lowering barriers to market entry, prevent from lock in by a handful of vendors’ tightly integrated solutions). Will the coming year produce conclusive evidence of Open RAN’s promises?

Wrap-up and end of Day 2