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Learn how operators can transition into techcos 

In some ways the last year has profoundly changed the telecoms landscape. The war in Ukraine caused soaring energy prices which have hit telcos’ profits and some supply chain issues persist, due to geopolitical and other factors.

Regardless, many of the largest network operators groups are still striving to become techcos – data-driven, deploying more AI and especially machine learning, implementing or moving towards 5G Standalone, embracing disaggregation and cloud-native tech to boost innovation, and more.

But they are yet to figure out how to monetise their massive investment in 5G while their share prices and revenues remain stubbornly static. Some have been forced to admit their transformation strategies have not delivered, so where do we go from here.

Join the leading thinkers – and executors – in our industry to re-examine the potential of telco to techco strategy and to debate the many different aspects involved in that transition and its success.

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The presentations and panel discussions during this two-day virtual event, will look to cover:

  • Will Open RAN become the edge?
  • Does the converged services model really work?
  • What are the solutions to challenges of integrating Operational Technology and IT in a 5G world?
  • What progress have we made towards moving the network to cloud?
  • Does the move to cloud mean the end of OSS?
  • Network automation as a big driver of 5G
  • The rapidly changing role of service assurance in the short, medium and longer term
  • The journey to cloud native
  • Does the move to cloud mean the end of OSS?
  • The relationship between vRAN and Open RAN
  • Why we need hyperscalers in private 5G networks for applications?
  • What kind of new architectures will hyperscalers bring to the O-RAN OpenRAN ecosystem?
  • How are operators using hyperscalers to serve their enterprise customers, and to boost their own operations?
  • What role can microservices play in data integration and how do they help?
  • AI underpinning automation: when will AIOps and automation become the same thing?
  • How open and standardised are open APIs?
  • Deciding which legacy systems to migrate to the cloud
  • Satellites in 5G
  • The trials of managing dense FTTH

 Full agenda coming soon