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Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe 

KEYNOTE: Edging closer to greater value

We’re over looking at 5G in isolation to generate new revenue streams for telcos – edge is where it’s at, although that can be a number of places. Operators’ cloud-based 5G infrastructure can help them add value by bringing them closer to applications and their orchestration, or operators can meld their cloud-edge platforms with those of public cloud providers. Success is all about interoperability and adaptability.

Have we got the fibre model right?

Network providers have been building out fibre at unprecedent rates in Europe since the pandemic, but does infrastructure-based competition work or result in too much overbuild and not enough capacity elsewhere? What new technologies and approaches – operational and business models – are operators using to make sure this isn’t the case? 

PANEL: Techno versus telco – what’s the difference?

  • What are the key differences between telcos and technos?
  • How can telcos adopt the best techno practices while maintaining their own strengths?
  • What outcomes do telcos expect from becoming a techco?

Do we need infrastructure to support the metaverse – even if it’s a no-show

There’s a lot of chat about what the metaverse is – and isn’t. Even if the Zuckerberg vision of the metaverse doesn’t materialise, do we still need the infrastructure that could support it?

Comfort break

The MVNO ecosystem is increasingly rich and complex

How is it changing and what are the implications for infrastructure providers, partners and enterprise and consumer customers? Is the evolving ecosystem delivering better customer experience and more innovation?

Fireside chat – GitOps are us – Why this coding platform is making inroads into ops

Why are telcos are increasingly turning to githubs, code-hosting platforms for version control and collaboration, to create GitOps?  Getting DevOps methods closer to the delivery pipelines is one answer, but how big an impact does this really have? 

PANEL: Providing the network as a service is the future for telcos

Why NaaS – exposing network capabilities to third parties through APIs – is the only way to go. The next big question is how to get there: where are we now and what do we need to do to enable the NaaS vision?

KEYNOTE: How far advanced are we with O-RAN’s radio intelligent controller (RIC)?

RIC was developed by the O-RAN Alliance to give AI and machine learning-based ML-based access to the radio elements, split onto near-real-Time RIC (Near-RT RIC) and non-real-time RIC (Non-RT RIC). Then there’s interfaces for them, also defined by the O-RAN Alliance.

Wrap up and end of day 1