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Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe 

KEYNOTE: Beyond Connectivity – Telenor’s Journey to Become a Digital Telco

Ruza Sabanovic, EVP & CTO, Telenor

Adding value beyond connectivity is the telcos’ mantra, but few have made much progress – so what did Telenor do to succeed so well?

Can telcos afford not to offer cybersecurity services to consumers?

Barry Spielman, Director of Security Product Marketing, Allot

CSPs are perfectly positioned to meet the demands of consumers and small businesses for cybersecurity protection. There is a lucrative business opportunity for telcos to meet these demands, increase their revenues, reduce churn and enhance customer loyalty.

Creating a cloud reference stack to support the Open RAN disaggregation strategy

Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Vice President/Synergy & Operation Support, e&

Under the auspices of the O-RAN Alliance, operators are experimenting with several of them using a single stack. How will this activity support real-life deployments?

PANEL: 5G is at the core of telcos’ future success

Dean Bubley, Director, Disruptive Analysis
Leo Gergs, Senior Research Analyst, ABI Research
Francisco Fontes, Senior Technology Consultant, Altice Labs

Moderator: Andrew Collinson, Partner and Research Director, STL Partners

How far along are telcos with their 5G Standalone deployments, are there big advantages to being early movers or will telcos go at their own pace?

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The role of blockchain in building a successful metaverse business for telcos

David Palmer, Blockchain Lead IoT, Vodafone Business

The metaverse opportunity has been estimated at between 10 to 30 trillion US$ by 2034. Realisation of this opportunity will depend on connectivity including 5G, but the significant value of the metaverse opportunity will be in the metaverse business, metaverse finance, and metaverse experiences and data. This talk will explore the metaverse opportunity for telcos and the potential for the integration of cellular and blockchain technologies to power new opportunities and business models for the operator.

Maximising the potential of APIs

Juan Carlos García Lopez, SVP Technology Innovation & Ecosystems, Telefonica 

Getting the full business and operational benefit out of using APIs isn’t automatic: it means reusing them in a consistent way, wherever and whenever possible – and this takes intelligent organisation and orchestration

Partnering to build ecosystems, resilience and long-lasting value

Dr. Muslim Elkotob, Principal Solutions Architect, Vodafone Germany

Must telcos dominate ecosystems to avoid cannibalisation and get the full value from them – or should their role(s) depend on different operational and business models?

PANEL: Should we be talking about connecting tech not connectivity?

Terje Jensen, SVP Global Architecture & 5G, Telenor
Suzanne Tracy, CTO, SIRO
Dr. Muslim Elkotob, Principal Solutions Architect, Vodafone Germany
Moderator: Amy Cameron, Principal Analyst, STL Partners

Connectivity is from the age when the most connections were between people, which has been and will be ever more superseded by other kinds of connections. Are telcos too attached to connectivity?

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Wi-Fi 6 has barely landed but WiFi 7 is already on the way – why does it matter?

Martha Suarez, President, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance 

Is this more telecoms hype or a critical development?

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