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Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe 

KEYNOTE: Keeping control of the telco cloud

Neil McRae, Group Chief Architect, BT

If and when will operators feel confident enough to migrate the telco cloud onto the public cloud? What needs to happen for them to feel justified in making that move and what would the benefits be of staying in control as they are now, versus the move to public cloud?

Closing the visibility gap between cloud infrastructure performance and 5G quality of experience

Ken Gold, Director of Solutions Strategy, EXFO

A widening visibility gap between cloud-native services and the infrastructure they run on is creating blind spots for operations teams, leading to increasing difficulty in performing root cause analysis. How can this visibility gap be closed to enable full-stack assurance and ultimately a better 5G experience?

Automating the network lifecycle to give the customer the best possible experience

José Pedro Nascimento, Network Engineering and Operations Director, Altice Portugal

If you can detect what your customer sees and experiences, you are well-placed to optimise your infrastructure.

PANEL: The role and future of ‘air fibre’ – fixed wireless access – in Europe and beyond

Yves Bellego, Director Network Strategy, Orange
William Webb, CTO, Access Partenership

FWA opens new markets and extends existing ones – how and where is it being used to great effect?

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Case study: Is life with the hyperscalers going to plan?

There have been many well-publicised examples of telcos setting up strategic partners for many different purposes with hyperscalers. Here we take a closer look at how one such case is working out.

Managing the relationships between tech, strategy and reality

Even the best thought-out roadmaps don’t always go to plan – it’s how you deal with it that matters. A look at how the most successful operators respond to challenges and achieve their business goals.

How SASE is building on SD-WAN – as both evolve

Franck Morales, VP Marketing, BU Connectivity, Orange Business Services 

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE – the networking security model) builds on the foundation of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) – here we examine the relationship between the two and how both are evolving.

PANEL: Has anybody found the edge yet and are we looking in the right places?

Ken Gold, Director of Solution Strategy, EXFO
Moderator: Martin Garner, COO and Head of IoT Research, CCS Insight
It’s early days for MEC and other kinds of edges, what have we learned so far?

CLOSING KEYNOTE: When and how will telcos progress with AI beyond machine learning?

Goran Klepac, Director of Big Data Analytics, Hrvatski Telekom

When operators talk about using AI they almost always mean just one branch of it – machine learning. When, where and why will they need to deploy other kinds of AI and what’s the timeframe?

Wrap up of Day 2