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Breakfast Briefing (Invitation Only)

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Welcome from the Chair

Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe

OPENING PANEL | The business case for AI – is it really a gamechanger?

A recent report from Bank of America suggested deep integration of AI could raise communications service providers’ return on capital employed in Europe by 2%. It stands at about 6% now. SKT says 9% of its returns already come from AI-related services and intends to increase this to 36% by 2028. Is AI the big break European CSPs have needed for so long?

OPENING KEYNOTE | Telcos’ continuing journey to cloud native

Increasingly communications service providers are adopting cloud-native technologies and methodologies. What business benefits are they delivering through deploying and running cloud-native networks? Are CSPs still mostly focused on specific, discrete projects or is the move to becoming cloud native across their organisations?

The green telecoms planet

AI and cloud are consuming ever more energy – where, how and when will telecoms be truly green? And in an era of deglobalisation and disrupted supply chains, will we ever crack Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions?

Break and Networking

Offering digital services to meet market demand

What does it take for operators to get to the point of self-care, self-service and self-provisioning via a subscriber model for enterprise customers? Are we nearly there yet? How important is this to enterprise customers and service providers’ business?

PANEL | Open infrastructure – disaggregated and open for business?

We’ve talked a lot about Open RAN, but softwarisation, virtualisation, cloudification and API-isation can make CSPs’ entire infrastructure more open than ever before. How great is the potential for innovation and business opportunities with an ecosystem-based approach to networks? What are the possible benefits to all stakeholders – and what are the challenges to successful implementation?

The network is nothing without service assurance

How and why is service assurance changing? How important is it to new revenues streams and business models enabled by new services? Where are we now with the necessary changes? What are the next steps and what, if anything, is holding up progress?

Lunch and Networking

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE | Update from the edge

How are operators serving customers’ needs at the edge and how much is this helping CSPs transform into digital service providers? Where does AI fit into the edge landscape? What impact can edge have on customers’ experience and bottom lines?

PANEL | Financing fibre and making a return on invested capital

For a long time we measured progress in the fixed access network with the number of premises passed but increasingly the take-up rate and cost of running fibre infrastructure are coming to the fore. How are broadband providers tackling these key issues? Will the evolution to multi-service broadband revolutionise the economics?

Cell-to-satellite – is competition a good thing?

Is the fierce battle for dominance in satellite communications – and especially in the direct-to-cell/direct-to-device sector – helpful to mobile operators? GEOs and LEOs are in the mix. Once the space race is ‘over,’ will mobile operators be left with an integration nightmare if they want to use more than one constellation?

Break and Networking

PANEL | Where are we with 5G Advanced?

5G Advanced is moving us along the path towards 6G but this should not overshadow the new attributes and business opportunities it brings to 5G.

PANEL | Resilience and reliability are operators’ top priorities

How can they deliver on them? How has our thinking about infrastructure’s resilience changed? Can operators’ build the business case to put resilience and reliability at the forefront of their strategy? Will AI help them achieve the two Rs or simply expand the ‘blast radius’ when something goes wrong?

Closing remarks followed by Drinks