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Increased digitalisation leads to greater vulnerability, which is why investments in digital security are just as important as investments in artificial intelligence

Sigve Brekke, CEO of Telenor, February 2024

AI and Security are going to become integral to network infrastructure as it becomes ever more dependent on cloud and software. The conference explores some of the key areas that need to be addressed. It also looks at the potential challenges and benefits of planning, building and running a secure network including by leveraging AI.

All times UK / London. Timings and content subject to change. 

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe 

OPENING PANEL: AI in realising the full value of infrastructure

From network optimisation to traffic management, root cause remediation, safeguarding the network’s integrity, combatting fraud, dynamic bandwidth allocation and the discovery of valuable intel – the impact of AI (and especially generative AI) could be huge. Where is it likely to be greatest and what stands in the way of AI reaching its potential here? 

Moderator: Tom Loozen

Global Telecommunications Leader

Chris Hudson

Connectivity Director

Patricia Diez Muñoz

Global Security Director - Networks & Systems

Prashant P.

Senior Service Readiness Manager - OSS, Infra & Transport
Three UK

Vera Steiner

Head of Product Marketplace & SaaS Security
A1 Digital

Morning Keynote IN CONVERSATION: How does AI in the network translate into better customer experience?

The potential for AI in the network is huge and has many facets, but has does it translate into greater customer satisfaction? Where are the sweet spots? 

Francisco José Montalvo Abiol

Chief Data Officer

Empowering Security Through AI Innovation

Beatriz Ortega

EMEA Telco Business Development Manager
Red Hat

Arun Mamgai

App Platform, Cybersecurity, and Data Science Specialist
Red Hat

Kenny Peeples

Principal Architect, Cybersecurity
Red Hat

IN CONVERSATION: Secure signalling is foundational to resilient mobile infrastructure and services

Mobile signalling is a fundamental element of the global telecoms ecosystem, facilitating seamless communication and sharing information in real-time. Yet interconnection hubs are attractive targets for cybercriminals – and state-sponsored surveillance. What are we doing to defend them and what role could AI play? Does 5G bring additional challenges?

Justin Williams

Group Chief Information and Security Officer

PANEL: Do telcos need AI to fulfil the potential of APIs?

The GSMA’s Open Gateway Initiative has seen APIs rise up telcos’ agendas, but this panel looks at the wider, open-source CAMARA project set up by the Telco Global API Alliance. How can telcos establish relationships with developers – a key component in the hyperscalers’ success and can AI help manage the API ecosystem including interoperability with hyperscalers? How are customers’ using APIs? Early focus has been on security such as through the SIM swap and location APIs. Will this remain a constant theme? Will APIs harness AI, including Generative AI, in future?

Moderator: David Martin

Senior Analyst - Telco Cloud
STL Partners

Fahim Sabir

Director Network on Demand

Fortune Barnard

Director of Digital Security and Resilience
Virgin Media O2

Aulia Rahma Amin

General Manager

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: New standards in telecom cybersecurity regulation – new challenges in achieving them

Throughout the world, governments and regulators are raising the bar as regards the standards of cybersecurity that they expect from telcos operating in their markets. This talk will identify common themes around new cybersecurity requirements and enforcement measures. It will also point to best practice for regulators and telcos on how to work together to achieve the goals their governments have set out.

Patrick Donegan

Founder & Principal Analyst
Harden Stance Consultancy

Closing Remarks & End of Conference​