Learn how operators can transition into techcos

For many operators, disaggregation and integration is the name of the game from end to end of their infrastructure. The abundance of new capabilities and technologies is turning them into techcos, looking to differentiate their services and products on top of common, standardised foundations. From network automation to AI and analytics, from IoT to network slicing, and from going cloud native to exploring the edge – there are so many opportunities and challenges.

All times UK / London. Session timings and content subject to change.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Annie Turner

Mobile Europe

OPENING PANEL: Transformation 2024 – Integrated telco versus the NetCo/ServCo model

A handful of telcos have gone down this route already and the trends looks set to grow. What’s driving it and what’s needed to make the separation of infrastructure and services a success? What can go wrong? How does this potentially affect telcos’ relationships with hyperscalers?

Moderator: James Crawshaw

Practice Leader

Pål Grønsund

Director Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Brian Klafstad

Global Account Manager
Red Hat

KEYNOTE In Conversation: Telco to techco – plotting the return to growth

Telcos aren’t interested in technology for its own sake, but because it can create growth. How do telcos match technology to their desired business outcomes and monitor their success for the business?

Philippe Ensarguet

VP of Software Engineering

Imagine if app innovation didn’t mean soaring cloud costs

Many companies have been caught out by higher than expected costs and rather less agility than they expected when they modernise their apps for cloud or develop cloud-native apps. Does it have to be this way? How can operators avoid falling into the trap themselves and ensure enterprise customers steer clear too?

IN CONVERSATION: To what extent are telcos data-driven organisations now?

How much progress have they made towards this goal and which major areas do they still need to tackle? How has better use of data boosted operational and business outcomes?

Abhilekh Bhardwaj

Head of Operations Strategy
Three UK

PANEL: Are telcos delivering services faster since they embarked on digitalisation?

If so, which ones and for whom? If not, why not? Is faster service delivery more important for to achieve a shorter time from orders to cash, or to provide excellent experience to customers? Or can the two go hand in hand?

Moderator: Kester Mann

Director Consumer and Connectivity
CCS Insight

Michelle Hastings

Head of Digital
Vodafone Business

Dr. Mariam Kaynia

VP Director of Massmarket
Telefonica Germany

Antonietta Mastroianni

Chief Digital & IT Officer


AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Adhering to the latest emergency regulation for mobile network location

What are the implications for network operators of government regulation and recommendations for public safety? A look at the cell and sub-cell location technologies in common use and associated accuracy metrics, and how an advanced location solution can streamline regulatory compliance. What are deployment options and what advantages does it offer to different kinds of networks? What commercial opportunities does high-accuracy location technology bring?

Sponsored by:

Stuart Walsh

Field Product Director
SS8 Networks

How will green networks evolve?

Where are we now and where do our ambitions need to take us to reduce power while increasing capacity on all kinds of communications infrastructure.

Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita

VP AI & Special Projects

PANEL: The benefits of moving data ops and analytics to the cloud

Moving data to the cloud for storage, analytics and more should bring the benefits of massive scale capacity and compute resources at a fraction of the cost of an operator creating its own environment. This panel takes a deeper dive into potential operational and business advantages, and possible pitfalls, such as higher than expected complexity and costs.

Moderator: Adaora Okeleke

Principal Analyst
Analysys Mason

Goran Klepac

Director of Big Data Analytics
Hrvatski Telekom

Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita

Abhilekh Bhardwaj
Head of Operations Strategy

Natali Delic

Chief Strategy & Digital Officer
Telekom Srbija

Where did the Edge go?

Operators have long been looking to the edge to boost their revenues, but don’t seem to have got progressed far with deployments. What are they waiting for and what steps can they take now? How can hyperscalers and operators work together better for the benefit of customers?

Closing Remarks & End of Conference