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Exploring the cutting edge of network security and AI

Security and AI are going to become integral to network infrastructure as it becomes ever more dependent on cloud and software. The conference explores some of the key areas that need to be addressed. It also looks at the potential challenges and benefits of planning, building and running a secure network including by leveraging AI.

All times UK / London. Timings and content subject to change. 

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe 

OPENING PANEL: How secure is AI and especially GenAI, and what are the implications for network?

GenAI apps are leaky by design and security concerns have been raised about the rocketing use of graphic processing units (GPUs) to provide the required compute power for AI. How concerned should we be and what do we need to do to gain AI’s benefits in infrastructure without compromising security?

MORNING KEYNOTE: AI and the secure network – more haste less speed?

There potential for AI in the network is huge and has many facets, but it is not an instant fix. What lessons have we learned so far and where are the sticking points? Are integration and security the biggest challenges, or should be looking forward rather than worrying about backward compatibility?

Secure signalling is foundational to resilient mobile infrastructure and services

Mobile signalling is a fundamental element of the global telecoms ecosystem, facilitating seamless communication and sharing information in real-time. Yet interconnection hubs are attractive targets for cybercriminals. How can we best defend them?

IN CONVERSATION: Data in motion

Data sovereignty – where and how data is stored and who has access to it – is subject to various regulations and laws around the world. Its importance will not diminish, but now concerns about data in motion (transit) are coming into play and this is considerably harder to monitor and manage.

PANEL: Securing APIs with AI

APIs are increasingly important to operators for many reasons and AI can help secure them. This ranges from API discovery to enforcing schemas and access control, looking after sensitive data in transit and more.


AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: New standards in telecom cybersecurity regulation – new challenges in achieving them

Throughout the world, governments and regulators are raising the bar as regards the standards of cybersecurity that they expect from telcos operating in their markets. This talk will identify common themes around new cybersecurity requirements and enforcement measures. It will also point to best practice for regulators and telcos on how to work together to achieve the goals their governments have set out.

Lifting the lid on SK Telecom’s AI strategy

SK Telekom has reshaped its business and operations around AI, pledging to triple its AI investments over the next five years to generate KRW25 trillion ($18.5 billion) in AI-related revenue by 2028. A deeper dive into the thinking behind this approach and its success so far.

PANEL: The evolving threat of DDoS and other network-level attacks​

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and other network-level attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Can telecoms harness AI to strike back?

Closing Remarks & End of Conference​